NKT launched the "glazing line industry 4.0 management platform"

NKT launched the "glazing line industry 4.0 management platform"

Since the start of the 321 project, NKT has divided its products into three projects: glaze line equipment, inkjet printer and automatic engineering. It has been introduced into themanagement of Kyocera Amiba and followed by specialists, which has greatly improved the speed and technical level of product development and innovation.This year, NKT selected four focus of attention among the three major projects to participate in the Foshan Exhibition.

01 Upgraded ceramic inkjet printer

High definition and high ink lay-down are the development trend of ceramic inkjet technology nowadays. It is also the main technology of NKT inkjet printer in recent years.The latest model can be equipped with the highest DPI (720) in current ceramic industry XAAR 2001 print head and Starfire series print head. Network printing system, unlimited color bars and unlimited width, can support multi-machine linkage overprinting, providing strong technical support for the fully digital glazing line! The internationalized appearance makes it look amazing!

K Series Inkjet Printer

02Hot sell glazing line equipment

With 26 years' experience of glazing line equipment, NKT has become one of the most complete and technologically advanced glazing line equipment expert in the world. For this exhibition, we selected three types of glazing equipment which are the upgraded spraying, glazing and glaze saving technology as well as roller printer. Among them, high pressure airless machine, super wide glaze spraying cabin and other technologies have reached the world's advanced level and catch everybody’s eyes.

Roller Printing Machine

Super Surface Glazing Machine

Super Wide Glaze Spaying Cabin

Super Wide Glaze Machine +Glaze Saving Conveyor 

03The mature robot application solution
This year, NKT reached a strategic cooperative relationship with Yaskawa from Japan. Strong joint efforts, strong launch of mature technology, cost-effective sanitary glazing, grinding and palletizing robot applications, which makes it become the super star.

Robot Demo

Robot Intelligent Grinding System

04The first glaze line industry 4.0 
management platform

Relying on the most complete glazing line equipment and many years of experience in glazing line engineering integration, NKT launched the "glazing line industry 4.0 management platform" in the 25 years’ ceremony held last year, which mean to save the energy consumption, reduce manpower and provide practical tools for the digitized management.  At this exhibition, we officially released this product, which attracted wide attention of visitors, competing to understand our product concept and implementation plan.

Overview of Glaze Line Industry 4.0 system

Display Interface 

At the invitation of the organizers of the exhibition, NKT participated in five special bidding meetings, namely Sunda International, Hongyu, New Pearl, Xinjincheng and Xiejin. In the road show, the development schedule of NKT in recent years and the highlights of this exhibition are fully introduced. Every roadshow attracted widely attention, the conference hall was overflowing with the media and customers.

On May 30, 2019, NKT brought a number of new products to the 220D booth, which attracted the attention widely. In just four days exhibiting, thousands of colleagues and customers from domestic and overseas came to NKT booth to visit and consult. Countless wonderful scenes are worth recalling.

The bustling and endless crowd highlights the recognition of NKT products and services.

Domestic Marketing Team

Expor Marketing Team

Although the Foshan exhibition comes to an end, the enthusiasm of NKT people does not faded away. Thank you for all your attention, and let's meet again in the next Guangzhou exhibition held on June 18.

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